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Dog Nip is the only company making hypoallergenic turkey tendons, a proven winner with pet parents.

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  • It’s been difficult and costly to find treats for my maltipoo due to allergies and she is extremely fussy. I was hesitant to purchase these sticks due to the price and fear that she would not eat them. My maltipoo and I are extremely happy that I took the chance on these treats. Princess Bella absolutely loves the treats and Mom has peace of mind that the treats have 2 ingredients and are sourced and packaged in the USA.

    Product: Gobble! Turkey Tendon Sticks Meghan
  • Thought I would try these turkey tendons as a treat for my Boston and "Wow" the first one was gone in seconds. She loves them but they do not last as a chew. I won't be buying these very often due to the high cost of these treats, but I will buy them occasionally. They did not smell and were not dried out and brittle, just the right dryness.

    Product: Gobble! Turkey Tendon Sticks Griff
  • After trying many brands over the years this one stands out. Clean, odor free and exactly what you wanted for your dog. I am so cautious with dog treats. I usually make my own. Thank you for making these safe and odor free.

    Product: 9-12" 1 Pound Bully Sticks Odor Free Jessie
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